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Providing the best in reproduction artillery civil war cannons and reproduction parts

down range cannon 3″ ordinance rifle

Down Range Cannons was started to help spread our passion for artillery pieces and our love for historic reenactment and educational opportunities. Although we specialize in hard-to-find cannon parts and restorations, we also can offer full-scale Howitzers, 3” Ordinance Rifles, Signal Cannons, Mortars, Limbers, Caissons and other customer applications. 

Teamed with our master builder Ray Johnson, his 10+ years of practical hands-on experience with restorations and complete builds for not only Texas State Forts, but also reenactors throughout the South. Located in Central Texas we can arrange for shipments and retrofitting with the continental U.S. We look forward to helping you with your next cannon buy.

**June, 2024 Update**
Due to Market conditions we are currently unable to provide current pricing for cannons and some cannon parts. Please send all requests to sales@downrangecannons.com for direct quotation

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